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Oh, the days of social distance and stay at home orders drone on. I am soon to move from Edwardsburg as your pastor. I have done my best not to think about that. As the day grows closer please pray for us and our new calling. More importantly, please, pray for the Starkey Family as they too pack their bags eager to move to Edwardsburg.

These days are both sweet and sad. I am so blessed for having served among you. You are wise beyond my years and you have taught me many lessons about life and our walk with Jesus. I cherish you for that.

The sad part is the good-byes. Life seems to be a progression of connecting and saying goodbye. As the years go by heaven becomes sweeter in the presence of our Heavenly Father and those who have gone before us. It seems like I know as many in heaven as I do on earth.

I am not sure how to say proper goodbyes when we cannot touch or even look into each other’s faces. This tent we live in on earth is just so fragile.

I am sure God has great things ahead for us, I am also sure we are on the edge of a great spiritual awaking, it is going to be amazing.

On Sunday I begin a new message series, “When Pigs Fly”.


Do you believe in miracles?

Chalk it up to coincidence or luck if you want, but we think there’s something bigger going on when the impossible happens. A four-week series centering on wonder and joy, When Pigs Fly is all about appreciating the fantastic, crazy, outlandish miracles that really happen and opening our eyes to the miraculous work Jesus can do in our hearts.

This week Pastor Scott will be talking about “Miracles of Deliverance.” We can’t fight darkness with our own power. We can only fight it with Christ’s power. If you are in Christ, you have miraculous authority over darkness in the Name of Jesus.

I hope to be with you Sunday at 9 am on the web for worship and each day on the 8’s.

Pastor Scott


Giving Matters

Thank you for eGiving and mailing in your offerings. Yes, your gifts are needed now more that ever. Our staff keep working and our ministry goes on, but in new ways. Please send in your offerings


Join Pastor Scott at 8 am and 8 pm. Facebook live or our web page. It may not be pretty but there is a new picture on the wall every day!

FIND HOPE HERE You will find exciting fellowship, varied worship styles, faith-based spiritual formation opportunities for all  ages, and you can choose to plug into life-changing mission and serving opportunities. Located just North of the May Street and Elkhart Road intersection, 69941 Elkhart Rd, Edwardsburg, MI  49112


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