August 5th 2018 “The Resurrection: What Now?”
August 12th 2018 “Going Deeper”
June 17th 2018 “Sloth”
June 24th 2018 “Envy”
July 1st 2018 “Gluttony”
July 8th 2018 “Lust”
July 15th 2018 “Anger”
July 22nd 2018 “Greed”
July 29th 2018 “Pride”
We apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately there is no audio recording of the sermon. Click  HERE for a copy of the transcript.
May 20th 2018 “Search Me”
May 27th 2018 “Break Me”
We are sorry for any inconvenience, but the sermon on June 3rd “Send Me” did not record properly therefore is not available for listening.
June 10th 2018 “A Prayer Lifestyle” Mike Morgan
April 8th 2018 “I’m Optimistic”
April 15th 2018 “I’m Grateful”
April 22nd 2018 “I’m Encouraging”
April 29th 2018 “I’m Generous”
May 6th 2018 “I’m Enthusiastic”
May 13th 2018 “I’m Confident”