INDOOR WORSHIP SERVICES will begin on Sunday, October 4, 2020
Sundays, 8:00 am and 10:30 am, in Reese Hall (Bldg#2)

Here are a few notes to help us all know what to expect as we enter in to this next season of change. Our protocols are in place to prevent/reduce the potential spread of disease which is significantly more harmful to those who have compromised immune systems. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in following the protocols as a caring act of love toward the most vulnerable folks within our church and community.
-Please allow one of our hosts to lead you to and from your seats, before and after the service. Our volunteers and staff have worked hard to prepare the space, intentionally arranging seat clusters to allow for the most possible people while maintaining distance. Please sit only with those with whom you already live and/or travel. Wear a mask.
-“…a time for embracing and a time for avoiding embraces”. In this season, we ask that you refrain embracing. Please avoid handshakes, hugs, and hi-fives. Please be conscious of limiting hand–to–surface contact. We will clean all chairs and most common surfaces before, between, and after services, but you efforts in this area help significantly.
-Children are welcome to attend. We ask their adults to stay with their children and try to limit their travel within the building. Also, consider bringing a bag of quiet comforts; coloring books, soft toys, etc.
-This will not feel like ‘normal’ yet, but we will try to incorporate some elements to get close to it. While we will not be participating in corporate/congregational singing, we hope to have musicians sharing familiar melodies to carry us through the more prayerful portions of our worship service. The 8am service will be a traditional style, with mostly piano music. The 10:30am service will have a more modern feel.
-If you are willing and able to help with this effort in any way, we are in need of volunteers to help with seating and dismissing people, as well as folks to help with clean-up between services.
-Like all of life, this is a participate-at-your-own-risk event. We will try to our greatest abilities to provide a clean and safe worship space. If you are uncomfortable or unable to join us physically, we will continue to cast the live service audio to the parking lot on 88.3 fm. You may call and listen to the message at any point in the week at (269) 215-0027. You may also watch the message on video here on our website or on our Facebook page
-If Edwardsburg Schools stop in-person activities, if there is a significant uptick in our area’s case numbers, or if positive cases arise within our congregation, we will go back to online worship services until further notice.
-I am sure there is more. Wear a mask. Smile with your eyes. Love one another well. God’s grace is amazing and yours is essential in doing this well.
Lastly, a huge “THANK YOU!!” to our staff, our leadership team, our volunteers, and to YOU,
for all of your thought, prayer, preparation, and work! Way to go Church!
All my Love, Pastor Nate Starkey
Any questions about events can be directed to either:
The Church Office at 269-663-5321
Pastor Nate at 586-229-5767