Welcome To HOPE of Edwardsburg, Michigan

This is just a quick message regarding the churchs worship schedule for the weeks to come.
A video will be available through Hope’s YouTube and Facebook pages. You could click on it now to see a video concerning the church’s approach to opening. Sunday’s Message will post in the morning. These messages will remain in place throughout the week, allowing you to engage them regardless of your schedule. 
Also, we have signed up for a new service called Sermonby-Phone which allows you to call this number: (269) 215-0027 at any time, and listen to the week’s message. We are especially excited about this option because it allows people without computer access to engage in the churchs worship service. You could call it now to hear more on our spiritual approach to opening the church; Sunday’s message will post in the morning.  
But, we need your help! If there is any person in the church, or in this community, who you feel may benefit from this callin service, we encourage you to call them and give them this number (269)215-0027 so that they may be included.
While recorded services will continue to be provided from here on, we are excited to announce that we will resume inperson, outdoor worship on Sundays @ 9:00 AM. We will gather at the Hope UMC parking lot, and there will be protocols to follow. 
I encourage you also to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.
In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Nate Starkey
FIND HOPE HERE!  You will find exciting fellowship, varied worship styles, faith-based spiritual formation opportunities for all  ages, and you can choose to plug into life-changing mission and serving opportunities. Located just North of the May Street and Elkhart Road intersection, 69941 Elkhart Rd, Edwardsburg, MI  49112


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